TeleTRADE, leader in international financial consulting market services

08 Apr

TeleTRADE is a global brand and the leader in international financial consulting market services. Founded in 1994, TeleTRADE Group has over 200 offices, in 22 countries. This group is the largest company in Europe and Asia to provide Forex-related services. TeleTRADE Europe is licensed and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec). It complies with MiFID, “We aim to protect our client interests at all times” (EU investment law). TeleTRADE Group has many industry awards, such as ‘Broker of the Year 2010’. TeleTRADE culture is customer-orientated, conservative and pragmatic. TeleTRADE would not mislead his customers through unrealistic market conditions. Clients can trade Forex, Metals and Futures and CFD with a range of professional services to the highest standards, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. TeleTRADE offers real training seminars; a demo account to practice trading; reliable market news; expert analysis and forecasts. These are some of the reasons why many clients worldwide rate TeleTRADE so highly. TeleTRADE services include: training, account service, consulting services, analytics and news, asset management. More than 18 years, TeleTRADE provide comprehensive training for specialists working in the international financial markets. Training programs are intended for training students of any level, from absolute beginners to experts of the market. After completing the course, clients obtain the unique knowledge they can use in every-day life, a relevant certificate, a chance to open a real trading account and employment availability. TeleTRADE Group provide information confidentiality, rapid execution of orders, high-speed transactions and bank warranties of deposit security. An experienced trader can administrate a customer’s account. The TeleTRADE experts have a high level of professional skills, based on their great experience on the international financial markets. They can give you a proper advice so you can obtain all the information required and take proper trading solutions. TeleTRADE experts daily monitor all changes in global financial markets and provide advice on the development of customer-made trading systems. These experts regularly process the latest news, reports and forecasts. You can find out what may affect market situation, in the near future and in the long terms. TeleTRADE Group customers have free access to the Dow Jones wire news and information channel, in English and Russian. In order to trade on the market in the most efficient way, TeleTRADE offers services as asset management. TeleTRADE has more than 120 representative offices in Russia, countries of Western and Eastern Europe, Turkey and China.

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