Chocolate sprinkles – a joyful and tasty ingredient for desserts

01 Feb

chocolate sprinkles, chocolateSometimes in life, we are in search of little things that can make us smile, that doesn’t need much effort and money to do, choices that are on our hand and easily to reach. Chocolate sprinkles can be the final touch when we are making something beautiful for our close ones. Even when you lack inspiration, this little sprinkles made of chocolate can save up your day. Initially, chocolate sprinkles, also known as ‘jimmies’, were being used in France, in the 18th century, when French bakers needed something easy to incorporate in their recipes, in order to add texture to the cakes and produce beautiful cookies at a large scale. They found chocolate sprinkles, a flavor that everyone loves and can’t resist. Nowadays, chocolate chips or sprinkles are the most popular ingredient used in decorating cakes, cup cakes, frozen yogurt, and many more. You can find sprinkles in every store all around the world, every country developing famous recipes based on chocolate sprinkles, as the cup cakes. Being an affordable ingredient, it can be used by each and everyone of us, in every manner that we want. But these little chocolate flavored chips are not only used when baking, but almost on every dessert that you like. For example, in some countries, a good breakfast for the children is bread with chocolate sprinkles and milk. And don’t worry. If you want to stay healthy, you can add anytime some dark chocolate sprinkles, ass chocolate is well know for its benefits on the human brain. Another uses of chocolate sprinkles are in ice- cream, puddings, toppings, cheese, doughnuts or with sweet bread. As the time goes by, and gastronomy expanding the limits, people find new ways to delight the dear ones, to bring joy in someone’ s life, giving a new sense to traditionally aromas like chocolate in it s pure form. On this concept, humans around the world have found new ways on using chocolate sprinkles. For example, in America, they have a traditionally cake for the little ones anniversaries. In England, they have a cup sprinkled with chocolate to go in every situation.  In Belgium, they say chocolate sprinkles with milk are breakfast! In Europe they bake a special cake with cocoa and vanilla filling. Some cultures had gone far, as in Australia they have one special bread with chocolate sprinkles. So, you can try next time when you want to make someone to feel like as home, break out the routine or simply want to surprise the dear one, fill the cupcake with some chocolate sprinkles made with love. On the market they are many companies selling sprinkles and with such a simple process of manufacturing, they come in a various number of colors, forms and flavors. This is an accessible decoration ingredient for everyone, and at the same time it has a taste that no one can refuse: pure classic chocolate. You can find a place in every occasion to sprinkle some of them.

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